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:: VW Corrado G60 Supercharged ::

Hi there, After having used your site for inspiration and information for the last couple of years, I thought I would send in a few pictures of my Corrado G60.

When I bought my í92 G60 Corrado about 2 and a half years ago off Ebay (yes, I did go and view it, but only on the final day of the auction and I even waited at the guy's house and used his PC to bid on it) it was in reasonable condition. The previous owner had had the charger rebuilt and flowed, fitted a ported and flowed big valve head, and dropped it a healthy 100mm on coilovers. 

This was only my 2nd car (my first being a Mk4 Polo 1.4CL) and I thought it was about time to have something a little more fun, and to learn a bit more about how they worked (I was not the world's most competent mechanic). Soon after I got her home I found that it needed a little more doing to it than first expected. The suspension had well and truly seized and couldnít be adjusted so had to be replaced (100mm drop round where I live meant that I couldnít even get in my own driveway without major scraping noises).

Suspension replaced (firstly by an incompetent local garage that tried to give it back to me without even bolting up the top of the rear suspension), I proceeded to have issues with the cylinder head (oil leak), ignition (lock barrel jammed), alarm (went off at random), battery (took to fading at will), rear brake calliper (seized and gave me a red glowing disk on the way home one night). But I put these down to just the minor teething troubles of a new car/owner relationship, and they allowed me to learn (or be stuck at home).

Finding G-Werks down in Littlehampton has proved to be the best thing I have done since buying the car. Darren is an absolute genius with the G60 engine. The first job was to tear out the remnants of an air con system which hadn't worked for years, to make way for a Golf G60 front mounted intercooler. The last year has seen me install a late style heated VR6 leather interior (after having it retrimmed in the black leather and grey alcantara), Porsche Boxster brakes being fitted along with new Compomotive MOís wrapped in Proxes T1-Rís, boost return kit, toothed belt to prevent slippage, a Mocal oil cooler went in, and as I had installed and Alpine head unit Diamond components and a pair of Focal 5WS subs, a 90A alternator to keep the battery happy. 

Lots of colour changing and retrimming of the interior by me (all the carpets changed from grey to black, centre console fully trimmed in grey alcantara - needle and thread and about 4 evenings last winter, interior trim resprayed black were needed, red LEDís in all the switches, Passat W8 interior light fitted, DDI dials fitted to a red and white colour scheme, high level brake light grafted into the boot trim, SNS gear knob). Also I fitted an Autometer boost gauge in a custom pod on top the the dash, and Defi AFR, and oil pressure gauges, along with a Mk4 Golf lighter (for a Touran LED cigarette lighter torch) where the ashtray used to be. A remap has been carried out and rolling road testing showed that it was producing a healthy 170bhp at the wheels.

KW variant 1's and H&R anti roll bars are going on next month, to bring the chassis up to scratch.

Engine: 1.8l G60 with ported and flowed head and manifold, Piper 285 cam, Golf G60 front mounted intercooler, boost return mod, Mocal oil cooler, stainless steel decatted exhaust, toothed belt.

Chassis: Gmax springs and shocks (-40mm drop), 16Ē Compomotive MOís with an ET25 offset, with 205/45 Toyo Proxes T1-Rís, monoblock Porsche front calipers with 305mm disks.

Outside: Original black paint work, pretty standard apart from a slight tint on the rear lights and black badges front and rear.

Inside: Heated leather interior from a VR6, retrimmed in black leather and grey alcantara, complete centre section retrimmed in alcantara, switches converted to red LEDís, dials changed to Dub Design Industry ones, SNS gear knob, Autometer boost gauge and Defi AFR and oil pressure gauges, Golf Mk4 cigarette lighter and Touran torch, Passat W8 inerior light, interior trim resprayed black were needed, black carpets and boot, custom high level brake light grafted into the boot trim.

ICE: Alpine CDA-9815 head unit, Diamond M3 front speakers (tweeters mounted in custom pods on the dash), 2 x Focal 5WS subs in a custom sealed box mounted in the middle of the rear seat, Genesis Profile 4 amp.

She's given me a lot of pleasure (as well as a bit of heart ache) over the past couple of years. But worth every minute.

Best wishes, Jonathan Crowther

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