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::: Car Insurance Quote :::

Need a car insurance quote? - This guide will help you get the best car insurance quote in a matter of minutes! Learn how to ensure you really are getting the best possible quote for your car with our great car insurance guide!

In our experience the following tips will almost ALWAYS help you get a better car insurance quote:

STOP PRESS:  Attention Quote Hunters - We're very pleased to tell you that the UK's top car  insurance company Adrian Flux has agreed to provide  Matey-Matey's UK-based visitors a substantial reduction [as much as 15% in some cases] on their car insurance quotes and what's more, they openly welcome the drivers of modded vehicles, kit-cars, young drivers and their polices are even open to drivers with convictions.

If you mention 'Matey-Matey' when you call 01553 845 924  you could get up to* 15% off Adrian Flux's great insurance!

01553 845 924

* - Please note that in certain cases the quotes they give may be discounted already and discounts do vary.

:: Car Insurance Quote Tips:

Do some research - Try to find some brokers who specialise in policies appropriate to your age, gender, make of car or occupation. One example might be the NFU [National Farmers Union] who do car insurance specially for farmers and give very competitive quotes. If you know someone who's got a similar car or occupation to yours, why not simply ask then who insures them? - Chat forums, owners club magazines and garages are all good sources of this kind of anecdotal information.

Be aware - those companies who can afford to do the highest profile advertising are probably not the cheapest!

Get on the phone - Once you've got some companies in mind, get on the phone - Car insurance brokers [3rd parties who are simply giving you a quote and not actually 'underwriting' your policy] often change who supplies their policies and just because they might have given you the best insurance quote in the past does NOT necessarily mean they're actually in a position to give you a competitive quote this time round.

Never take the first quote - The first quotes you'll get back for your car are likely to be on the high side - insurance companies capitalise on the fact that until you've received a few quotes you won't know what's actually a realistic quote - Never take the first quote you get, no matter how competitive it might seem!

Play companies off against each other! - Make thorough notes about all aspects of each quote that comes back and play the companies off against each other. There's no point in lying as most companies are all too aware of the REAL cost of a car insurance quote! Quickly you'll realise that the phone operatives have the ability to negotiate on the price of their quote and most of them would rather drop their prices than lose the business to a competitor...

If you're serious about getting the cheapest possible car insurance quote, be sure to:

::  Ask for a higher 'excess'. Higher excesses usually reduce premiums!
::  Mention any 'organisations' you are a member of - there might be a discount already arranged.
::  Get Thatcham approved security devices fitted to your car.
::  Consider how much mileage you're actually going to do - a 'limited mileage policy' is often the simplest way to get the best car insurance quote.
::  Mention if the car's going to be kept off the road or is garaged.
::  Mention if you have access to or drive a second car.
::  Say if you are the member of an owners club - 'enthusiasts' represent a lower risk to insurance companies.

Finally - 

Buying insurance can be confusing. Be aware that lying will invalidate your policy and most companies record their calls to cover themselves in case of litigation. Declare ALL modifications you've made to your car and if someone else is going to be driving the car or you're going to use it for business - mention it up front!

Remember - insurance companies are going through hard times and are always going to look for ways of minimising how much they have to pay out in the event of a 'total loss' - If their inspector turns up to the breakers yard and discovers a flip-painted fire-breathing VR6 with 19 inch alloy wheels in place of the 1 litre they'd been insuring, you'll be in trouble, possibly seriously!


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