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:: Simon Bentley's Corrado G60::

The itch for more power finally got scratched this Easter and I chopped in the 16v Corrado for a G60. The 16v will be missed as it was great fun to drive but sadly it didn't have the get up and go to match is poise. Fortunately I sold it to another matey-matey chum and so I know it's gone to a good home and I still get to see it around on a regular basis.

After looking at only 2 potential cars I found the one I was after advertised on the Corrado club web site. Unfortunately is was for sale in Poole, Dorset which is about 200 miles from where I live. Dan kindly came to the rescue and offered to drive me down there to inspect it, and having negotiated a price over the phone, off we went armed with cash. The car is a 91 J finished in Inca blue (a colour only available on the G60 and only available in 91) which is a dark blue/purple metallic. It looked great and had four mint G60 BBS alloys shod with good Goodyear Eagle Venturas which was a plus point for me as I have always wanted a nice low G60 running on the std BBS wheels.

The charger had been overhauled by Jabbasport to stage 4 spec and apart from a rather ugly DTM exhaust system was pretty much standard. It was all in good original condition, having had some paint recently, and it came with masses of history and bills to back up it's provenance. It was well specced as all the electrics bar the mirrors worked and it had a rather good stealth shelf with some excellent Polk 6x9s on, as well as a decent Alpine CD player, immobiliser and total closure alarm.

Money was handed over and the car was driven back home the same day before instantly ditching the bus sized std steering wheel in favour of my weeny Momo wheel. The first major thing to get sorted (after having a second immobiliser fitted) were the dreadful brakes. The pads were threadbare and the discs wafer thin, not to mention brake fluid that resembled cappuccino froth. Once these were replaced with Zimmerman drilled discs, Pagid fast road pads and some dot 5 fluid I could fully appreciate the cars performance as I now had the ability to stop it as well. Next on the list was some new suspension and a full wheel alignment. C&R came up trumps with a competitive show price on a set of G-Max suspension (the same as I ran on the 16v) which works a treat. It is just the right compromise between comfort and handling. The car now sits about 40mm lower and handles like a dream.

For those of you unfamiliar with Corrado G60s they run very and I mean VERY hot. 130 degrees is normal on the motorway and this had me a little concerned especially with our planned jaunt to Le Mans coming up soon. Although the engine and oil might be up for it I didn't want to fry all the ancillaries or be sucking more hot air than necessary into the engine. I therefore sourced a PD Motorsport oil cooler which after some contortionist antics with the spanners now sits neatly under the charger. It has dropped the temp by about 25-30 degrees and my blood pressure by about 50%. The car then ran faultlessly across France to Le Mans racking up 1,100 miles in one very hot week without missing a beat. My only complaint is that it has a fifth BBS wheel in the boot which combined with the stealth shelf's 6x9s mean that boot space is surprisingly limited. I think that the spare wheel might be ditched in favour of a can of tyre weld sometime soon.

Once back from Le Mans the fun really started and the car acquired a Jabbasport induction kit (what a cool noise!), cat bypass pipe, Jabbasport chip and 68mm pulley. It now absolutely flies along making the most fantastic evil whine/roar in the process. I eventually transferred my C6 SRB plate onto it which tidies up the exterior and I plan on changing the rear lights to something a bit neater (red/smoked, red/clear, red etc) as the std ones are rather ugly! The only other exterior mods are a late spec grille (hand made and pilfered off the 16v before I sold it) and some clear side repeaters.

Apart from this the car has had lots of TLC, lots of fresh oil, even more polish and a new front engine mount. I currently have a full set of polly bushes sitting in the garage waiting for me to fit them as well as a pair of ball joints and a braided hose kit. The car already has polly rear top mounts (fitted with the G-Max suspension) and new VAG rear axle bushes so I only need to sort out the front items. Dan is trying to talk me into joining him for a trackday at Goodwood which is rather tempting so I will let you know how this goes.

Plans for the future generally centre around making the car go faster, and I am looking into cams, water/methanol injection, big valve heads, 1.9 bottom ends etc. I will also ditch the naff looking DTM exhaust in favour of one that terminates in a single round or oval pipe and as I've already mentioned the rear lights will be updated.

This car is insured with  Adrian Flux Insurance

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