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:: Simon's New 16v Corrado::

Having owned my new Corrado for a couple of months I thought it about time to bore you all with it. As many of you probably know, I used to own a rather nice MK2 Golf GTi with fruity 1.9 power and some serious suspension aimed primarily at track use [and abuse]. Dan, the other half of Matey-Matey, mentioned that he was looking for something to replace his Exocet Polo G40, so I jokingly suggested that he buy my car off me.

Less than a week later a deal had been struck and I was car-less. Initially I thought that I would remain this way for as long as possible to save a bit of money and also because I have absolutely no need for a car! I live in the centre of a town and everything I need's within walking distance [including the station!]

This lasted about 36 hours. By this time I was eyeing up a number of Corrados for sale on the Internet. Having had 3 Mk2s I felt it time to move onto something different and something with a bit more flash. I have always liked the Corrado, ever since it was first released and so it seemed the logical choice. Ideally I would have gone for a G60 but bearing in mind how much I actually use/need the car I could not justify the extra costs. Thus the search was on for a tidy 16v.

Within about 30 seconds of starting the search I spotted one for sale locally and arranged to view it that weekend. The description fitted the bill and it certainly exceeded my expectations when I got to see it.

I spent some time looking over the car before taking it for a drive, and could not find anything wrong with it at all. Having negotiated the fittment of a Cat 2 immobiliser, a deal was struck and I arranged to pick it up the following week. The car was a completely standard 89 [G-reg] 1.8 16v in black with std 15inch Sebring alloys. All the electrics worked [windows, mirrors, roof, spoiler, power steering, courtesy lights etc.] and the bodywork was absolutely immaculate [bar a small parking dent on each of the doors]. 

The car had been re-sprayed at some time in its life but all the panels were original and were complete with the factory stickers so given the re-spray was excellent quality I was especially happy. The fact that the car only had 75k on the clock, 2 previous owners, a full service history and came with a 12 month warranty was also a bonus.

Part Two:

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