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::: Introduction :::

Can lessons can be learnt from the Volkswagen Golf GTI?

Written from an undergraduate viewpoint, this study will look at the sequence of factors whose combination defined the market into which the Golf GTI as both product and car was launched. It will ask if Volkswagen could have predicted the extensive success of the 'Golf GTI', and examine whether were they entirely responsible for it.

The study will examine Volkswagen's origins, analyse the difficulties they endured, and study the subsequent effect of these hardships on corporation policy. Volkswagen enjoy a reputation for quality. The study will investigate how this reputation began, what steps Volkswagen took to sustain it, and how this reputation influenced sales of the subsequent Golf GTI.

In an attempt to differentiate Volkswagen from other manufacturers, the influence of long-term model evolution in comparison to short-term obsolescence will be investigated. Volkswagen's policies of quality control and reinvestment will be appraised, as will the steps taken to ease the launch of the Golf .

The study will examine how consumer values changed at the start of the eighties, how the GTI reflected and responded to these changes, and the steps Volkswagen took to engineer a car that would later come to define a generation.

The study will conclude with a summary of the factors intrinsic to the car's success, this summary will be reviewed and lessons will be extracted in an attempt to define a re-workable formula.


 Chapter One: Giorgio Giugiaro and the ‘Sport Golf’

 1 » Introduction: Can lessons be learnt from the Golf GTI?
2 » Chapter One: Giorgio Giugiaro and the ‘Sport Golf’
3 » Chapter Two: Volkswagen’s uncertain beginnings
4 » Volkswagen’s development in the United States
5 » Chapter Three: The new Golf ‘GTI’
6 » Chapter Four: Cult Credentials
7 » Chapter Five: Steps to success
8 » Volkswagen’s constitution
9 » The Eighties environment
10 » The high volume Golf
11 » Bibliography
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