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:: G Werks - G40 / G60 Supercharger Rebuilds ::

For any of you who own a car fitted with VW's excellent and highly tuneable G60 power plant, the name G-Werks will be familiar to you. Based on the south coast but boasting customers from all over the UK they have built up an excellent reputation for tuning and servicing anything that runs a G-Lader supercharger.

 Darren Bennett of G-Werks kindly sent us details of their current Mk2 G60 Golf demonstrator which gives you an idea of the high standard of their work.

Before telling you all about the tech stuff, I would like to draw your attention to the headline bhp figure. This is not an "owner's estimate" or an exaggerated in-house number but one achieved on an independent rolling road at AUSTEC in West Sussex. 

Basically the G-Werks Mk2 G60 kicks out a staggering 213bhp AT THE WHEELS and 231ft/lbs of torque. In a car that weights a smidge under a ton that equates to serious pant-staining performance. This monster output is achieved with a standard PG bottom end, standard head and standard cam. It just goes to show what can be achieved with some careful and well executed mods to the induction, fueling and ignition side of things. 

The car runs a race spec G charger which has been subjected to serious exhaust porting and a large u-bend conversion as well as a 65mm pulley. Red top #30 injectors (a must on any highly tuned G60) provide the extra fuel and nology ht leads provide the spark.

Extensive improvements have been made to the boost plumbing and cooling with a G-Werks twin inlet system, G-Werks boost return kit (allows you to ditch the pipe that feeds hot unused boost back into the charger, and a G-Werks speciality) Golf G60 intercooler (much larger than the Corrado item) and a G-Werks oil cooler kit. Finally a Miltek exhaust gets rid of the spent gasses. If this spec sounds serious then you ain't seen nothing yet! Darren tells me that the engine is about to be replaced with the 8v crossflow engine which G-Werks have been developing so watch this space for full details.

The mods don't stop in the engine bay, however, as the car runs a Koni coilover kit, powerflex bushes, braided hoses, brake bias valve, Zimmerman drilled discs and Pagid fast road pads. The ABS has also been removed and a lower front strut brace fitted. A set of trick Borbet As with flat centres and polished rims shod in 205/40/16 khumo tyres put the power down...although we imagine only just, bearing in mind the amount of power they have to contend with.

Inside, the car features a weld in OMP cage, Cobra Evolution seats and a polished rear brace bar. Anything that weighs anything, including sound deadening, has been removed. As for ICE Darren's comment was: None "would never hear it, see above for details", on account of the lack of sound deadening. I would guess that the G60 howl provides a pretty special form of In Car Entertainment.

As with all projects, evolution is the key and this car is about to go into the body shop for a few tweaks so watch this space for more details. As the car is a demonstrator, all the mods are available for customer cars so check out for more details.

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