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Simon & Daniel

Please feature my 1989 VW Golf GTI 'Looky Likey' on your wonderful Web Shite. Yes, believe it or not it’s not a real one but a GL model that I have nurtured since I bought it, as a restoration project 4 years ago. I also want to lay claim to owning the only Golf GTI Auto (look-a-likey)

Please feel free to drawl over the photos I have enclosed and the amazing technical specifications below:

1800cc 4 cylinder 8V with leaking head gasket, Broken engine mount, over-running on engine [power down], leaking rocker box cover, fully lubricated and detailed engine bay (picture not taken for fear of spraying the camera with oil) twin 'Kiss FM' stickers, standard air box with oil-clogged filter, some spark plugs, 3 in 1 oil in carbs [sorry carb] and blowing Gti exhaust [for that racy feel].

Standard Auto 3 speed [with reverse...]

Front springs with Shot Kerput shocks and Worne bushes, Back standard with Leakey nearside (practical - bouncy and comfortable).

Wafer-Thin discs with Skidd Pads

Wheels and tyres:
5 X13" Spokies with Woosung re-moulds...

Oxide Green paintwork with leaf-mould door-seals

Magic tree air freshener, removable gear stick knob, bun holder, Mac Donald’s wrappers, sticky sweets, no smoking sticker and MotherCare-Racing baby bucket seat.

Top of the range Goodman’s head unit [with auto-stop at tape end], bass boost button, dolby b, and Harry Moss 6 x 9 speakers


200 bhp. Max speed 170 mph (owners estimates)

Thanks & Free Plug:
The GIT that sold me this heap, PTA for not giving me an MOT, My mate Jim who failed to get me that dodgy MOT and my girl friend & children for most of the 'modifications'.

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