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 ::: Tim Braziers 90 Spec Mk 2 Golf GTi::: 

Tim kindly sent us a few pics of his current ride so that we can all appreciate it, and rather nice it is too. The base car is an Alpine white 1990 Mk2 8v GTi on a G plate and Tim has carried out a few tasteful mods to enhance the already desirable appearance of one of VW's finest. The car rolls around on a set of 17inch TSW Hockenheims. 

We haven't been sent any details of the suspension set up but the minimal ground clearance implies that an aftermarket kit of some sort is keeping the car suitably close to the tarmac. Moving around the car there are a host of smart cosmetic mods. The big bumpers came as standard from Wolfsburg but the front end has been treated to a single headlamp de-badged grille, eyebrow spoiler and some clear indicators. The grille has then been finished off with a rather tidy Audi RS2 badge. Rain repulsion is taken care of by the obligatory lay flat rear wiper, and a single wiper up front. Rearward vision is enhanced by a pair of colour coded M3 mirrors which suit the car a treat.


The back of the car is tidied up with the addition of a set of clear rear lights and some Gti badges from a Mk4. These are an unusual addition but the chrome finish seems to suit the white paintwork and clear lights perfectly...

...A Scorpion STW exhaust pokes menacingly out from behind the bumper and not only looks cool but adds a few welcome ponies. The bumper itself is pulled closer to the tarmac with the aid of a CL front spoiler, which has been carefully grafted onto the underside of the bumper.

In order to keep the thieving pond-life at bay Tim has wisely taken the precaution of fitting some armour doorplates. Inside the car the interior has been spruced up with the addition of some alloy bits and bobs and we have been told to watch this space as a Mk3 dash is currently working it's way into the car. We are told that the car also has uprated brakes and, as we can relate to, is continually being modified and improved.

Thanks to Tim for sending us these pics. If any of you are wondering what you need to do to get your car on this site for all to admire then wonder no more. Just e-mail us some pics and some details of the car (the more the merrier) and assuming it's not a three wheeled Fiesta we will stick it on the site. If you can send us enough details or better still an article that you have written then we will do a feature, if not then we can stick the pics in the gallery

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