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:: MK1 Golf GTi G60 ::


Our latest MK1 may be familiar to those of you in the UK who used to read 'Golf Extreme' as it featured on the cover of one of their '98 issues when it ran a 16v on twin Webbers. Since then, a fair bit's changed and it's now powered by a highly tuned Corrado G60 lump.

We haven't run it on the rollers yet but we're expecting comfortably north of 200 brake with torque not too far behind. The engine itself is from a low-mileage Corrado and it's been treated to a lairy cam, some significant gas-flowing, a stage 4 charger overhaul with matched chip 'n pulley and an industrial-strength Pace Charge Cooling system with a heat exchanger bigger than that for the engine!.

The exhaust system starts with a banana branch manifold and terminates in a big 'ol full stainless system. The short-ratio gearbox is from a mk3 cabby and features a hopelessly inefficient  VAG clutch which is soon to be binned. The car features polybushes all-round, runs AVO adjustable suspension throughout and has front lower and rear upper strut braces.

Braking is by a late 16v MK2 servo and master cylinder with grooved 280 mm Pagid G60 discs and calipers at the front and drilled Pagid discs and late-spec MK2 16v calipers at the rear. Mintex 1144 pads are used throughout.

The interior has been retrimmed in black leather and runs additional VDO gauges for extra distraction!

The engine is too dammed loud for any ICE, but security is taken care of by an all-singing full closure alarm system.

The body has been treated to a fantastic 'mystic green pearl' respray but time is starting to take its toll on some of the late-nineties smoothing work so it's going to get some tidying-up in the not too distant future. That said it got 98 points out of 100 in the concours at Inters a few years back and it's none too shabby even now.

Performance is absolutely shattering. No amount of hyperbole will even come close and this year we're hoping to beat its previous best of 13.3 seconds for the 1/4 mile [on the world's crappest tyres].

Future plans include a racing clutch, cut slicks and plenty of optimax [which it drinks like it was going out of fashion].

We hope you like the pics - bigger ones here - and till then, watch this space!


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