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::: Steve Roger's Audi Sport :::

I bought J34 REH in 1998 after briefly owning my first Audi, a rather nice Tornado red 1990 80 16V Quattro which I somehow managed to write off after only 5 weeks of ownership. Fully comp insurance duly paid out leaving me searching for another to Audi to replace it. An advert for J34 REH was spotted in the TVT and a visit made. 

The car turned out to a rare end of line 'Sport Edition' complete with Factory fitted front and rear under bumper Kamei spoilers and finished in Cerise Metallic paintwork. It was also wearing refurbished Speedline alloys which made it look even better. Although it was bog standard, I could see the obvious potential for modifying and a deal was eventually done leaving me £5300 lighter.

The car came with a nearly full Audi Service History apart from the last service interval where the owner had decided to do it himself. The same story applied when inquiring about the cambelt belt service. Now I don't know about anybody else, but failed cambelts scare the s**t out of me, so first stop was to my local Audi dealer in Oxford for a service and cambelt change! Once the few niggles to make it right were sorted, (new rear brake caliper, front discs and pads) it was time to start playing. 

First upI sought to rid the Audi of its American car style wallowy handling. This it turned out was largely due to a completely failed front nearside damper and three very tired original ones. The solution was a change to an aftermarket suspension kit. I had already tried an adjustable AVO kit on my previous, Ahem F*rd, and had been pretty happy with it, although the range of adjustment seemed to go from hard to granite. I settled upon a Jamex setup (now defunct?) and had the option of a -40mm or -60mm. I have always had low cars so -60mm it was. This immediately transformed the looks and handling and make the Audi fun again.

Apart from fitting the stereo, little happened for a year until I started to get bored again. Next up were clear front indicators and side repeaters to clean up the already smooth lines. Added to that some tinting spray for the rear lights and the bodywork was complete.

It was recently that the standard Speedlines despite their relatively recent refurb. started to look a bit shabby and it got to the point where I got pissed off looking at them. After many a lunchtime grafting 17" wheels onto J34 REH using photoshop, I settled on a set of TSW Imolas. Fortunately enough at the time were being offered as a wheel / tyre deal at a bargain price of £695. The only down side is it takes about an extra half an hour just to clean the wheels…. Maybe I should have bought some three spokes after all?

With the car now looking the business, all that really let it down was a rather dull standard tailpipe. Having never really been a fan or chrome tailpipe trims I decided to order a Jetex Full 2.5" exhaust system. I won't go into detail about the ensuing nightmare of trying to fit it with the wrong adapter pipe (thanks Jetex), but after a combined total of nine hours on Friday and Saturday trying to fit it you get the picture. A few emails to Jetex diagnosed the problem and with the correct adaptor pipe fitted you can now drive the car without it sounding like a tractor.

All that's left will be to fit the correct red tinted light clusters from a later model 80, a tidying up of the boot / stereo and maybe a more aggressive looking radiator grill. Oh, and do the suspension bushes - can't wait.

I am extremely pleased with the results so far, which although not the fastest point to point car in the world, makes the 110 mile daily round trip to work a whole lot more interesting.

Email: steve.rogers@perkinelmer.com

:: Tech Spec ::

Engine: 1994cc 8v Fuel Injected four cylinder, standard apart from a Jetex Full 2.5" Exhaust system

Transmission: Standard Audi 5 Speed manual.

Brakes: Factory colour-coded black; Front - vented discs, Rear - Solid discs.

Suspension: Jamex Sportsline Kit; uprated dampers, -60mm sports springs.

Exterior: Kamei Front and Rear factory fitted under bumper spoilers. Audi Sport rear boot spoiler. Clear front indicators and side repeaters. Rear lights tinted red. Colour coded Wing mirrors and door handles. Finished in Audi Cerise Metallic.

Wheels & Tyres: TSW Imola 7 x 17", Falken ZE502 205/40/17 Tyres

Interior: Audi sports seats - Jacquard satin cloth. Audi Sport gauges; Oil Temp, Oil Pres, Voltage. Personal Audi spec. leather Steering wheel, Audi leather gear knob. Tilt and slide Sunroof. Standard Audi tinted windows all round

ICE: Kenwood KRC 878 Head Unit. 10 Disc CD Changer Custom fitted in Glove Box. Kenwood tweeters mounted in existing dashboard air vent sockets. Kenwood 4" 2 ways fitted under standard dash grilles. Standard 5" Audi rear speakers retaining 'Duo Sound' System allowing head phone output to rear seats. Kenwood 10" Sub in Kenwood Ported Box. JVC 4 x 60 Watt amplifier powering Sub, Mids and Tweeters.

Security: Thatcham Cat 1 Alarm and Immobiliser - remote central locking.

Performance: Max Power: 120 BHP, Max Speed 120 MPH, 0-60: 10 secs. (All owners estimates).

Misc: Headlight Bulbs upgraded to 90/100w Rally spec.

Future Mods: Replacement of all suspension bushes with new or uprated poly bushes where available. Performance Air Filter. Change of standard radiator grill to something a little more aggressive.

Wish list: Leather and Alcantara retrim, Complete respray. Ported and Polished Big Valve head with Superchip.

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