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:: MK 2 Golf CL ::

Hi Matey-Matey

Here's my 1987 MK2 Golf CL 1.6.  It's got 54000 miles on the clock and it's in mint condition inside and out. I've had this car for just over 4 months since I bought it for the measly sum of 300 pounds (bargain) I've fiddled with it slightly but not too much, as I don't want to make it too Halfords :)


The outside is pretty much standard I had to remove some surface rust from one wheel arch which is now filled and sprayed. I've had smoked rear clusters added and crystal clear front indicators which were nicked from my old golf just before I sold it. It's also got a de-badged grille and some 15x7 GTI BBS alloys 

Its a storm beige colour which in the light sets the car off pretty well.

Standard interior but in mint condition looks like no one has ever sat inthe back. GTI Steering wheel, Blue neons in the footwells (I like them anyway :) and Panasonic CD player. 


1.6 lump with Neuspeed cone filter (not in pic) and double bore exhaust system don't know which make - was a find off a lad I know who lives up my street!


The brakes that were on the car were rubbish and seriously worn replaced by OMP drilled and crossed discs with green stuff pads. And new brake hoses as needed these for MOT :-)


Lowered 40mm on Gmax suspension kit which improves the handling 10 fold. and makes the car look much better. Strut brace coming soon.

So there it is my Golf. As I'm still at 6th form studying my A levels and ova pretty strict budget I'm really happy with way it has turned out. There is still plenty more to come to this car so keep your eyes open. Thanks to everyone who has helped me too - cheers guys!


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