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:: MK 2 Golf GTI ::

Hi Matey-Matey

Thanks for putting my MK 2 Golf GTi on the home page, it's taken me years to do this car and its nice to be appreciated! I'll give you the story of the build and some photos I took along the way.

I have owned this car for over 6 years now, I bought it from the previous owner who had the car from new. It started out as a company car and he loved it that much he bought it from the company and used it as his second car.
The car wasn't for sale when I first saw it, and it had been stood for over a year but after some serious ear bending I convinced him I would give it a good home!

The car came with a full service history and in completely original condition, the only thing I needed to do was run it in for an MOT. For the first 3 years I kept it in its original condition, and use it as my daily runner and the odd track day. However, one day whilst I had dry stored it for the winter, the unit where I kept my car was broken into!

They would have taken the car if they could but they couldn't work out how to get into an unlocked car. so they set about it with keys and peeled back the door handles. I was so gutted

I had been building a Westfield-style kit car with my father for the last 18 months and we were planning to build a bike engined mini next, but with the Golf looking sad I decided to set upon a longtime desire. 

The Basic plan is to keep the Golf looking simple, choosing modifications that won't look dated in 10 years time or give the car that 'boy racer' image. I wanted the car to look smooth!

The first thing to do was to relocate in more secure premises and begin the strip down. the underside was stripped and treated to a fresh coat of underseal. The standard springs and shockers were replaced with KONI adjustables the ride height was lowered 60mm. The brakes front brakes were replaced with 16v disks and calipers. fuel lines and brake lines were all replaced. the cooling system also had a full overhaul, including new radiator and heater matrix. The car was then trailered off to its next home for the following year! The bodyshop

I told the bodyshop to take their time, I wanted a perfect job and I'm prepared to wait. I didn't think it would take a year! but it was worth the wait. The damaged door handles were replaced with Audi 80 jobbies. I wanted to sit the car on a set of 16x9 Avez A's but after seeing the Keskin KT-5's I knew they were the wheels to set this car off. The arches and linings needed to be modified to fit the wheels in. The rear wiper and all badges were removed and all panel joins smoothed. A G60 arch kit was added, and all plastic trims were smoothed and painted.

The front bumper is and idea of mine, I wanted a smooth look, so I had the indicators removed and the holes plastic welded. I relocated the indicators were the fog lights were using MK3 clear indicator lenses. Then the car was completely painted in OE Schwartz Black. And just over 1 year from the day it first went in for painting it was ready for the next stage.

I was very eager to get the car on the road, but it had to be perfect! the original interior was in perfect condition but I wanted something better.

And I found it! after many months of searching I found a full set of electric recaros in cloth with rear headrests. Ant my patience paid of as these items use the same detailing as the door cards, so no miss-matching here :-)

The rest of the interior was treated to a chrome Golf ball gear Knob and Raid steering wheel.

On the outside I added crystal lights all round and a debadged grill. 

The doors were treated to central locking and a Clifford concept 500 was added to protect my investment. 

The ice is as follows: Sony CDXS2050 mp3/cd head unit (4x50w) Kenwood KFC-HQ105 70w 4 2-way comp speakers in the dash, Kenwood KFC-HQ135 100w 5 2-way comp speakers fitted in the door pods, on the rear shelf is a Kenwood 400w Bridgeable Amplifier powering the JVC CS-HX6930 200w 6x9 3-way speakers, A Cambridge Audio 400w Amplifier (bridged) powering a Alpine SWS-2545F 400w 10 SUB. And in the boot is a Blackmaxx MXB 2125 amp 500W output powering a JBL GT4-12" boxed Subwoofer.

The car is still not finished as it is currently in the garage having an engine transplant, and a full custom stainless system to be added too. I'm toying with having the interior leathered too but we will see how the funds hold out! I hope to be out on the road with it soon and hitting the shows, See you there!

Dirty Lee


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